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I’m an amateur woodworker who specializes in wet shaving products and other functional art including furniture. I like my shaving gear to be of the same quality and character as my fine furniture so the majority of products are made from real, solid wood that has been acquired both domestically and around the world over the past four decades. I attended college to become a high school woodshop teacher but ended up in totally different profession. Learning is a lifelong experience and woodworking is no different so I continue my training by taking classes from well-known woodworkers.

I started making shaving brushes and razors in 2003 well before the current renaissance in Wet Shaving so sourcing shaving materials was quite difficult as these products were not part of the mainstream shaving culture. Wet shaving has had a rebirth with young adults and women. It's less expensive and the tools (i.e., brushes and razors) will last years if properly maintained. Shaving is never fun but it's certainly more enjoyable with the right handmade equipment.

My brush designs are esthetically pleasing to the eyes yet functional. Everything in my Etsy store was made by me, and only me, in my home woodshop. I carry a diverse selection of shaving hair products ranging from Premium Silvertip Badger to Synthetic hair knots. I don’t name my different styles of brush handles because they’re a tool and not a pet.

I've been in the Wet Shaving business for over a 17 years and will be here tomorrow and in the future, so you can buy with confidence knowing I'm established. Each and every purchase is very much appreciated particularly in this uncertain economy.

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