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Gold/Amber 20mm Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush (Handmade) BEB10

Wood shaving brush

This stabilized Gold/Amber dyed Box Elder Burl wood 20mm Super Silvertip hair shaving brush was hand turned in my shop. These stabilized and dyed woods uniquely bring out grain pattern in a way that can't be found anywhere else. My shaving brushes are made one at a time by me at a pace that allows for the crafting of a unique and beautiful addition to your home or collection. These brushes make great gifts for those hard to get men and women in your life.

The Super Silvertip knots have natural soft white tips that give the knot a luxurious feel. Super Silvertip is the highest grade Silvertip I carry and is an upgrade over my Super Badger and Standard Silvertip Badger. If you want the best, Super Silvertip is what you want. The knots are nicely packed and they have good backbone. The brush and handle together are 5 3/4" tall. The knot in the photo has been cleaned so you can see what the brush will look like when broken in. Your knot will be new and bristles will be straighter when it arrives but will bloom after use. The brush handle pictured is the one you will receive.

The shaving brush's finish (Cyanoacrylate--i.e., Superglue) is durable, highly polished and cannot be penetrated by water. When using the brush, you can get the handle as wet as you want during use and not worry about the wood being damaged. To maintain the finish you just need to wipe it dry after each use. Don't buy a handmade brush unless you know exactly what is used for the finish. I make hundreds of custom brushes each year and this is the only finish that will last for years in the tough shaving environment.

Shipping via USPS. International buyers welcomed. VAT/Customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in the shipping cost. PayPal preferred. Please ask questions before buying. Your business is always very much appreciated. Thanks for looking.

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