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Cherry Burl Wine Bottle Stopper (Handmade in USA) C1

This Cherry Burl wood tear-drop chrome plated wine bottle stopper was hand turned in my shop. The rubber grommet seals a variety of different size bottles. While the stopper does a nice job of sealing the bottle it is not designed for long-term storage. The stopper is best used as a table decoration on the bottle when wine is being served. The stopper pictured is the stopper you will receive.

The stopper's finish (Cyanoacrylate--i.e., Superglue) is durable and highly polished. This finish will prevent the wood from being stained or discolored from contact with wine or other substances. Without a Cyanoacrylate finish the wood would discolor over time. The stopper can be cleaned with a wet cloth or paper towel and dried with same. Refrigeration will not damage this finish.

Shipping via USPS. International buyers welcomed. VAT/Customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in the shipping cost. PayPal preferred. Please ask questions before buying. Your business is always very much appreciated. Thanks for looking.

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