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Welcome to and the largest selection of truly handcrafted shaving products on the Internet. Everything here is personally handmade by me.  I make and sell several hundred shaving products each year. I use the most beautiful burl and exotic woods from around the globe. Most brush handles are finished with Cyanoacrylate Glue (aka Super Glue). This allows me to construct a high gloss finish that repels water.

I make Mach 3, Trac II, Fusion Flexball and DE Safety razor handles. The razors can be made to compliment most of the brush handles I sell. All of my razor handles are solid material, unlike the "kit" razor handles that are now being sold by pen kit companies, which have hollow tubes lining the handle.

I've been in the Wet Shaving business for 17+ years and will be here tomorrow and in the future, so you can buy with confidence knowing I'm established.

Please take a look at my ETSY store:

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